This year we are introducing a youth day to our Woman’s Festival. The festival will continue as usual on Friday Aug. 14th through Sunday Aug. 16th with an exciting extra day on Thursday Aug. 13th. On Thursday we are asking both female and male youths between the ages of 10-17 and woman guardians to join us for an afternoon of workshops and an evening of fun entertaining activities around a campfire. You are welcome to spend the night camping. If not camping gates are closed at 10pm. Check out time for the youth will be by 10am on Friday the 14th. A woman guardian is required for youths under the age of 16 and any youth under 18 that will be camping. We will be having a BBQ dinner Thursday with some extra treats. You are all welcome to join. The cost for this Youth Day is by donation to help cover the cost of food and supplies. As we have always done we will be taking photos of this day to post on our web site. If you DO NOT WANT your youth to have their picture taken please let us know though our email.

There are energies in everything around us, from the earth, trees, plants, rocks, crystals, water and ourselves, just to name a few. Our youths have come to this earth with a mission of healing this earth and those of us that live in it. They are born with the knowledge of what needs to be done and how to do it. It just maybe needs to be unlocked and them guided through it. Because they have such strong gifts of feeling energy it can be easy for them to become unbalanced within themselves causing discomfort for them. We are seeing many youths suffering from anxiety, depression, A.D.D and stress. Often they are misdiagnosed based on these symptoms when in reality it is energy they are picking up from the earth and those around them. We are dedicating this youth day to speaking about energies, how to work with them, how to protect ourselves from them and how to create balance within ourselves. We are also seeing a gap between the youth and elders. Our world has changed so much and fast over time that it can be hard to see the new concept of how we are living in the technical world. There are going to be many more changes to come regarding technology that our youth seem to understand better than us elders. We see this day as a moment that we can help both youth and elders better understand each other. Our youth spin at a much high and faster speed then we do. By having our Woman’s Festival start out with a youth day our youths will be helping to naturally spin higher vibrations creating a more sacred, faster healing and learning space for us woman. If you have a youth(s) or know a youth(s) that will like to participate sign up though the website. We are excited to see all of your beautiful energies.

Please email to register for Youth Day. There are no charges involved we need numbers for organizing the events. Thank You.

Camping Spots will be first come first serve basis.



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