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AUGUST 08, 09, and 10 2014

I hear the cry of the river as she is starting to wake-up on the property. This is the sacred land which we hold our annual Woman's Festival in Salmon Valley, Prince George,B.C.. We celebrate our 7th Annual gathering this August 8-10, 2014. After this many years and so many memorable and remarkable experiences, my heart is full of reflection and gratitude. How do I express my overwhelming growth and gratefulness that has been received by so many woman's energy created at the festivals. They come to share, learn, grow, have fun, laugh, seek likeness, get grounded, find new purpose and self-discovery. Connect with old friends and make some new treasured ones. You will leave feeling re-newed, clearer, and able to tackle anything in your life. One thing I know to be true is that when women come together we create a special energy that collectively swirls, gathers and rises up. It is an energy that can heal anything in it's path. Last year the 6th annual was my favourite festival. It just felt right, everything lined up and came together divinely, what fell off came on in a heart beat. There is always an amazing energy created but this year I felt it deep within myself, touching my soul. After this many years it has a rhythm all on it's own, I am so grateful for that. Each year I battle a raging river who has devastated me in the past, build up for the festival which can have ups and downs. Then gather with some amazing women and plan for next years festival. I thought last year might be my last year but during the festival and after I had a knowing from Spirit that I must carry-on. Seeking my intention helping women with self-care, all about them weekend to reclaim, revive, and rejuvenate themselves. There was a few women in particular that open my heart right up! Watching their unique transformations from the cocoon to the emerging beautiful butterflies. If this is your first year contemplating the Woman's festival or have thought in the past about attending, you won't be disappointed. Whether you choose to come for a day or stay and camp with us for the weekend. It is an open gathering which embraces all belief systems respectfully, is open and caring for one another. We are a collective of women looking for like minded to explore, re-claim ourselves and find that "Goddess" within. We welcome new energies and are grateful for the continued regulars who attend each year. Hoping this finds you intrigued and open. Are you ready to commit yourself to a fabulous Woman's retreat created by women for women? This could be exactly what you need and are looking for, it could be a life changing experience. We women are the doers, so if we do not look after ourselves than we will use up our reserve, build resentment and feel dissatisfied. Come and find out just how much fun you can have with open, like minded amazing women to gather and grow together. Listen for the call to come to the banks of the Salmon River.
Light & Laughter Robyn Stoy ~ Salmon Valley Woman's Festival

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