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AUGUST 14, 15, and 16 2015

As I gaze out at the flowing Salmon River showing her mighty strength finally slowing down from her spring run. This reminds me that it is time to kick off the preparations for this year's 8th Annual SVW Festival August 14-16th 2015.
When I think back to the last 7 years I think about all the relationships that began and partnerships that continue. It's fabulous to be a part of the transformation of others when given the right safe space and surrounded by like-minded women. I think about the rhythm that this festival has created all on its own. Over the years there has been a few blips here and there but whatever fell off was always attached with something else. I have had the privilege and honour to hear feedback over the years that the festival was life changing for some. It's a spark, a shard of light into purpose and divine connection. I have had women pack up and move to another province having a vision at the festival. I have had women who left bad relationships to create a new more meaningful life. They have started businesses and went forward with courageous acts in their lives. It's truly a Blessing to watch women grow, move and show up for their lives. It's been fun watching the women who met in the first few years still coming to the festival to support each other in business, friendship and sisterhood. It's always a powerful weekend for women to learn, grow, share ,teach, and get a new sense of renewal and sisterhood. I have had husbands thank me for sending their partners home, rejuvenated, happy and purposeful. Women need to gather to raise the vibrational energy to help heal the planet, the Universe and each other. It's amazing to watch the energy created by women in a circle, holding hands, singing, and breathing. I love that this festival is for ALL women no matter what your beliefs are, stay open realizing there is many paths to spirit and who to say which one is it for you? I have been mourning and separating myself from this spiritually amazing property in which I have been honoured and privileged to call my home for the past 9 years. I am leaving the resort in Salmon Valley getting ready for my next adventure (the mighty deer woman leaps ahead to her next vision). This will be our last gathering on the Salmon River but I will continue to create something where ever I go because the importance of gathering women means the world to me and it's who I am. This year we are celebrating the New Moon, rather timely considering the New Moon is all about New beginning, new ways, new visions, shedding the old and revitalizing ourselves
We are also including a Youth Day this year on Thursday August 13th. We are trying to bridge the gap between the young crystals, indigo's, elementals. Our youth are spinning at a much higher frequency which makes them feel confused, misunderstood and sometime misdiagnosed in our world. We feel that creating a safe space for them with like-minded will bring some knowledge all the way around. Please come and join us on the banks of the Salmon River, Can you hear the call to gather?
Light & Laughter Robyn Stoy ~ Salmon Valley Woman's Festival


Camping Spots will be first come first serve basis.



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